Monday, May 01, 2006

The DreamWeaver ANALITAL Delay Pedal is Ready!

KataDistortion by Lee Jackson

I have always wanted an Analog delay, I also wanted it to be quiet and not noisy like most of them I built it. The Fat Sound of Analog, with the Clean Sound of Digital, The Best thing I say about it is it is fun to play, easy to set a Great Sound, plus with the mix control you can dial it the exact amount of delay effect. This DreamWeaver pedal combines old technology with new! The DreamWeaver Delay is wide ranging, getting everything from thick vintage Analog style sounds to very transparent Digital style sounds, without the sterility of the other Digital Delays. And there's tons of headroom so that their isn't any input overload distortion if you use heavy strings. And with the half time switch, you can go from a short to long delay time with a push of a switch. The Effect Bypass switch is "True Bypass" which allows the signal to pass through the pedal untouched when turned off.