Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New! Mr Spinggy MRSP500S Studio Spring Reverb

New! Mr Springgy MRSP500S Studio Spring Reverb by Lee Jackson
The Ultimate Spring Reverb, All the Goodness of Spring Reverb, without the Crash , Hum or Breakage of the convention Pan. This will make your favorite Amp or Mix Sound even Better!
Finally you can truly get the sound of your old Fender reverb in a 500 Series Module, I'm not kidding...
For years I have been working on a design to allow you to have your favorite "Industry Standard" Spring Reverb Sound in a small LunchBox 500 Series form. Mr Springgy™ MRSP-500S was designed with the idea of being as transparent as possible,
To not change the original sound as it comes out of the instrument. I worked for years on such a design, and have developed a circuit that doesn’t degrade the original sound; it Enhances it with more Clarity and Definition.
This allows you to truly have that Deluxe Sound and make your favorite Mix sound SUPER.
The Mr Springgy™ MRSP-500S is even better then its Famous Brother, with Hi Quality Balanced in and outs, Studio Quality Burr-Brown Opamps and Dual +/- Supplies, which give you the added Headroom needed in your Studio or Live applications.

This now allows Mr Springgy™ to be used in Studio's, Live Mixing boards and more.