Friday, August 05, 2016

Lee Jackson Mastering Labs - Creating some of the Best Mixes in the Industry

New! Lee Jackson Mastering Labs

What we do:
We take your tracks and make them sound like you always wanted them to sound, Huge and Full Frequency. With all the Punch and Richness your music deserves. • Adjusting Individual Frequencies • Balancing Left and Right Stereo Channels • Equalizing The Sound of Each Track • Compressing and Limiting the Overall Sound Level • Automating Compression and/or Equalization • Adding Dithering • Add or Correct Improper Fades • Set Spacing Between Track • Adding ISRC Codes for Distribution Rights • Adding CD-Text Information (Artist, Title, Track Names, etc) • Create CUE Files for CD Replication or Duplication • Creation of a Master Disk