Thursday, November 02, 2006

New! Lee Jackson "Master Series"

Master Series by Lee Jackson

The New Lee Jackson Video Master Series is almost ready for shipment, everyone on our Email list will get early notice of the release.
Don't wait if you want them for Christmas Presents.
This new series of Videos covers everything from Lee's Classic Marshall and Fender Modification's, to New Mod's both for Fender and Marshall amps.
Plus their are New Ultimate Bench Warrior Service Video's: This Video has Lee Jackson showing you how to to
service your own amp, and to keep it healthy and running correctly.
This Video includes changing Critical Capacitors and Setting Tube Bias,
and what to look for on a Scope. This Video covers most Major Tube
Amplifiers and will show Critical Tips in Keeping them running for Years.
This is a Technician’s Must have, and a Road Crew’s Dream.Some of the Amplifiers that are covered:
Ampeg, Boss, Crate, Fender, Gibson, Hiwatt, Lee Jackson Amps, Marshall, Metaltronix,
Perfect Connection, Traynor, And Now we have a DVD showing how to install your own Tube Effects Loop.
With all the Extra Printed Material that comes included. Everyone from a Newbie Tech to a Seasoned Amp Builder, will get what they need from the material.