Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New! Lee Jackson "Master Series" Marshall Mod Vol 1

Master Series by Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson`s early Hot Rodded Marshalls became legendary in the Music Industry .
Lee`s been creating Custom Guitar Tube Amps for many of the top players in the world: Steve Vai , George Lynch , Paul Gilbert , Zakk Wylde , Akira Takasaki and Allen Holdsworth to name a few.
Lee has worked and designed for such companies as Fender , Ampeg , Crate , Pignose , and has owned his own companies as Metaltronix , Perfect Connection and Lee Jackson Amplification.
Continuing the Traditions of Yesterday and Creating the Legends of Tomorrow
This Video has Lee Jackson showing you how to Modify,
your own Marshall amplifier.

Lee goes through Step by Step instructions, Installing everything from Gain Stages to Tube effects Loops and now Lee is showing his 6 position Mid Shift Control, along with Covering Testing, Biasing and Final Setup.
Along with Sample Tone Settings.
These Modifications create More Low End, More Gain
Better Tone, Less Noise, and Smoother Distortion.
Dvd comes complete with schematics.
This modification is the exact modification Lee Has done for thousands of guitarist around the world including: Akira Takasaki, Steve Vai, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde amps.
The Models that are covered are: Marshall Plexi Heads, Four input JMP's, And Early JCM 800's including Master Volume versions.
****This Mod does not cover Channel Switching and Reverb Models****

You always wondered why your marshall didn't sound like your favorite artists....They all have them modified.