Friday, April 06, 2007

New! Lee Jackson Master Series Box set with (9) Mod DVD's

Master Series Box Sets
Have you ever wondered why your Marshall or Fender didn't sound like your favorite artist's, They all have them modified. These Brand New! Dvd's have Lee Jackson showing you how to Modify, your own Marshall or Fender amplifier. Lee goes through Step by Step instructions, Installing everything from Gain Stages to Tube Buffered Effects Loops and now Lee is showing his 6 position Mid Shift Control, along with Covering Testing, Biasing and Final Setup. Along with Sample Tone Settings. These Modifications create More Low End, More Gain Better Tone, Less Noise, and Smoother Distortion. The Dvd's come complete with schematics. This modification is the exact modification Lee Has done for thousands of guitarist around the world. Over 11 HOURS of Teaching Lee's Modifications (9) DVD's Brand New Never Seen Modifications ..