Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brand New! Box Set of Lee Jackson's Master Series Amplifier Service Dvd's

Master Series Box Sets

In our first release of Service Dvd's are included everything from our own amps XLS-1000, Metaltronix M-1000, To amps Lee designed for Ampeg VL-1002, Crate GT50H Combo, to your favorite Marshall JCM800, Marshall Major Heads, and Fender Bassman 50 and Bassman 135, and Super Reverb Combo, to Sovtek Midget 50H. (10) Dvd's with many hours of Training on Servicing the various models, showing simple Mod's and what to look for when Servicing.
Each Dvd has a simple directory to click to the different Chapters of Service, from re-Caping the Main Power Supply to fixing various common problems.
If you service amps, or own these amplifiers, they are a must have for the care and feeding of your favorite amp.