Monday, April 11, 2005

April - 05 Update

Hi Everyone

I wanted to keep you updated on what is happening.
I just finished designing and shipping four new pedals.
I'm really excited about these.
I have build so many custom pedals for some our favorite guitar players, so I cherry picked four of my favorites.

The "Photon Phaser" is fun, beside the bypass button you have two Speed Switch controls.
These controls allow you to ramp or speed up like a rotating speaker, or Ramp down. The brake will take it from fast to slow in one revolution, and if you release the brake it will ramp up to speed.
So the brake can be used to go from slow to fast with the one button.

The "Orange Masher" (Compressor), really is special, you are going to really like the threshold control. Do you remember one of DBX's most popular compressors with the single slide control on the front?

All you had to do was move the slider for what ever playing style you had, and the compressor would fit the style or sound.
The Orange Masher's Threshold control, can do that for you.

The "Atom Smasher", (Octave divider), can sound like a Vintage Tycobrah. or a Colorsound divider, which are very rare.
Jeff beck used one on the early albums.
The circuit is vintage with my twist on it, Phil Brown had one of these and flipped, he had been looking for that sound since his early days of playing.
That is what gave me the idea to listen to the Jeff Beck cd's and mimic it on this pedal.

The " Vibrator" (Tremelo-Vibrato) is pretty wild, you can set the range from one beat every 4 sec to a machine gun fire.
The switches allow multi pulse and pattern changes.
It uses Opto technology like a tube amp, so you can get the same smooth response.

I now will be putting all my time into the amps, we are sussing out suppliers and getting our cost figures.
Soon we will announce the release dates and what the final prices will be.
As always, I am trying to figure ways to build the very best product, at the most reasonable prices.

Well....Back to work

Talk to you soon