Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New Release of our Active Gain Pedal

New Active Gain Pedal by Lee Jackson

Now one of my favorite pedals is even Better!, and it is the same design we use in our custom pedal boards. This pedal is used by some of the Top Guitar Players in the world, giving them the extra gain and edge to get their signature sounds. The active Gain Pedal was designed with the idea of being as Transparent as possible, to not change the original sound as it comes out of the instrument.
I have developed a circuit that doesn’t degrade the original sound; it enhances it with more clarity and definition. This allows you to truly make your instrument go to 11 and higher, pushing the amp to really make it sing. Or make your Acoustic stand out over the rest . And now with the Selectable Clip Switches you can add a slight distorted Warm Edge to you sound.

Plus we have added TRUE ByPass. Check Out Next months ToneQuest Review of the Active Gain Pedal and getting Jeff Beck's Sound