Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Aug-05 Update

Hi Everyone

Man.....is it August already?

This year is fl-yin!

A lot of great stuff is in the works, I'll keep you posted as it happens.

Check out this months GuitarPlayer mag, They review my "Active Gain Pedal", and they have a great article about Eric Johnson.

On the GuitarPlayer review, Art did a thorough review, I could tell by his comments he truly plays through the gear and understands it.
I also found out by his review I needed to add some more to the "Active Gains" owners manual, Art said "that is it is not a clean pedal"

Well if you put the pedal on a scope, you will see it can be an exceptionally clean pedal, if it is set right.
I see that I didn't explain that in the manual, and wished I had made the change before Art got it.

What I'm adding:

"To get the cleanest sound out of the "Active Gain Pedal", turn the Master Control all the way up, and the Gain Control all the way down, from their turn the Gain Control up as needed, plus you need the clip switch in the middle (off) position" to get the cleanest sound.

The Master is really there so you can crank up the Gain, and put the Clip Switch (on) to get an edge to your guitar sound, then dial down the output with the Master Control.

I just finished designing and testing two more pedals:
The GP-1000P pedal, which is the exact copy of the sound of the GP-1000 Pre - amp.
With all the added features I added on the XLS-1000P, and the M-1000P too.

I also finished my new Gate Pedal, I'm doing something different than I have seen before, and the results has been awesome, you will see more info on the website as I get the Proto parts in.

Also, I have been doing a mod to the M-1000P and changing the "Clean" button to an effects loop like I have on the XLS-1000P pedal, and is found to be more useful.

The "Clean" button drops out 3 stages of gain and was really only put on the pedal to be an exact copy of the Metaltronix M-1000 head.

So if you want that mod on an M-1000P, make a note of it when you order it.

More new cool products soon, I'll keep you updated.

Thank you as always