Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lee Jackson Mastering Labs

Lee Jackson Mastering Labs


It’s not an optional step.

Whether it’s a CD or a digital download, your album isn’t ready for release until it’s been professionally mastered.

it’s an essential part of releasing an album. Every album released on a major label is professionally mastered,
And it’s a step that an independent artist may be tempted to skip.

You’ve poured your heart and sole into your music and recording, and likely spent thousands of dollars in the process.

Lee uses specially designed equipment, software, and speakers to access and correct problems within each song.

Lee has worked with some of the most iconic artists around the world.

During the cd mastering process there are many adjustments that are made depending on the musical genre, instruments, and mixed levels.

 Our Process includes:
• Adjusting Individual Frequencies
• Balancing Left and Right Stereo Channels
• Equalizing The Sound of Each Track
• Compressing and Limiting the Overall Sound Level
• Automating Compression and/or Equalization
• Adding Dithering
• Add or Correct Improper Fades
• Set Spacing Between Track
• Using Noise Reduction and Sound Restoration if Needed
• Adding ISRC Codes for Distribution Rights
• Adding CD-Text Information (Artist, Title, Track Names, etc)
• Create CUE Files for CD Replication or Duplication
• Creation of a Master Disk