Thursday, July 23, 2009

New! Ultimate Bench Warrior Service V3.0

Ultimate Bench Warrior Service Dvd V3.0 by Lee Jackson

Over 2 1/2 Hours added, Plus another (1) gig of must have schematics, Now with Version 3.0 we have added a 3rd dvd, Now includes Step by Step instructions on Installing a Tube Buffered Effects Loop. This Video has Lee Jackson showing you how to to service your own amp, and to keep it healthy and running correctly. This Video includes changing Critical Capacitors and Setting Tube Bias, and what to look for on a Scope.
This Video has Lee Jackson showing you how to Repair your own Ampeg, Fender or Marshall amplifier.
Lee goes through Step by Step instructions, and covers Testing, Biasing and Final Setup. It also covers Several Major Tube Amplifiers, and will show Critical Tips in Keeping them running for Years.
This is a Technician’s Must have, and a Road Crew’s Dream.
Also included is one of the largest selections of Schematics on Disk. Easy Chapter Reference for Repairs
Check out more info at the Lee Jackson site. Continuing the Traditions of Yesterday and Creating the Legends of Tomorrow

New! Mr Springgy™ International Power Supplies by Lee Jackson

Mr Springgy New Power Supply

We now have International Power Supplies for your Mr Springgy, This Ultra Clean Power Supply works great in the States, and will work in Every Country around the World! It also includes adaptors for: USA Plug - European Plug - UK Plug - Australian Plug.With 500 ma of Pure Power 2.1 mm Center Tip Ground, That's enough to power Mr Springgy and Many other standard Effects.