Saturday, March 10, 2007

More Freebies! to help you Set up your own Test Bench

How to setup a Test Bench

Here are Schematics to help you set up your own Test Bench, from a Variac with a Volt and Amp Meter, to Hooking up your Scope to the Speaker Output, so you can monitor your Amplifiers Output. These go great with my Instructional DVD's and their Free.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

New AFP-5 Schematic for the VL-503 Combo.

Ampeg VL-503 Foot Switch Schematic
You have been asking for them, and I finally drew them. Ampeg never made enough AFP-5 foot switchs for the number of VL-503's that they made.

So you can now make yourself a foot switch and get the schematic: Here

New! VL-1002 Foot Switch DELAY Mod

Ampeg VL-1002 Foot Switch Modification
I have found that the VL-1002 Channel Switching would be sluggish at times, so here is a mod to make sure your VL-1002 is switching as fast as it can.

On the VL-1002 swutching, there are two capacitors that need to be removed,

Because of the HIGH voltages, this should be done by a tech.

You can get the drawing showing what parts to remove here: