Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New! Creamy Compressorâ„¢ by Lee Jackson

New! Creamy Compressorâ„¢ Pedal by Lee Jackson

The "Creamy Compressor" does not change the tone of your instrument, most Compressor pedals change the sound of the instrument for the sake of the compressor. This pedal allows the full frequency of your instrument to pass through, this is why it sounds more like Studio Compression. It is the Warmest, Smoothest compression you have ever heard. The Peak Reduction and Expansion controls the amount of Compression and Expansion, which causes the circuit to be more sensitive to your playing style. Between how high you have this control and the level of your guitar. You can dial in the amount of compression you want, and when you want it to come on, as you turn it toward expansion, it will increase the gain and hold the notes longer, for sustained hordes or solo notes.