Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sept-05 Update


What a month.....

We almost got hit by Hurricane Rita, I'm sorry it did do a lot of destruction to Houston and Beaumont.
We have a lot of friends and family there that did get smashed by Rita.
She wasn't so lovely...

This month has been as busy as usual, the ACL (Austin City Limits) outdoor concert went on last week, in wake of the storm.
A lot of friends and artists were in town for the festivities.

I designed some fun software this month, I have been designing OS X Widgets, and I wanted to design something for my PC friends.
So I looked into the PC version of Widgets which is called Konfabulator and it is free now by Yahoo.

I designed a clock that is a copy of my Metaltronix Custom Clock, I made versions for both the Mac and the Pc. You can check them out on my software page.
There FREE.

On the Pc version I was able to add a sound bite I recorded for its Rocks!

Also, I just reconnected with KNAC radio station, in the 80's I was one of there sponsors in Hollywood, I sponsored the local Hard rock show.
I found them on the internet at, they are just as Kool as they used to be and now they even have a larger listening audience.
I was checking to see if they still had my commercials from back then, we did commercials with all of our endorsers then like Steve Vai, George Lynch. Paul Gilbert, Zakk Wylde, Warren Di Martini, Akira Takasaki and Allen Holdsworth.

Our amplifier deals are moving forward, as soon as I have more info on them I'll post it, if your not on our mailing list please email us at: and we will keep you informed.

More new cool products soon, I'll keep you updated.

Thank you as always