Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Lee Jackson Amp Switch Pedal

Amp Switcher by Lee Jackson

The Amp Switch Pedal works with all Lee Jackson Tube Amps, including the XLS, XLA Series. And with the Ampeg VL-1002. It can be used to switch Channels , Effects Loop, or Reverb.

Led's are Powered by the Amp, so No Batteries.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Lee Jackson and Major Amp Company aliance

Hi Everyone

Some really exciting news in the works, and will be announced at the Summer Namm show (July). Their will be a Lee Jackson and Major amp company aliance. I keep trying to do it on my own, and every time I came up against Money/Banker head aches. I just refuse to build an amp for 3,000 when I can produce them for half that with the right production crew. Well I just got that, if you saw me on a plane last week, then you might have an idea what state I was going to, and who it was that I was visiting.
I'm extremely excited...Great things soon to come