Saturday, July 16, 2005

July -05 Update

Hi Everyone

I just got a preview copy of the Guitarplayer review by Art Thompson of my "Active Gain Pedal"
It is a really great review, and Art really got its nuances , I am really glad that he really does truly play the gear.

Also this last week, I got interviewed by Tom Wheeler (RollingStone) for his new up coming book about Fender.
Their going to have a section about me, when I worked there in the 80's.

I also just finished making an OSX Tiger Widget for our website, it is really basic right now, I will be updating it as I learn more about; JAVA, XML and HTML.

Check out my new widget at:

I really wish the PC had something like this, there really cool, and have unlimited possibilities.

I have been asked to do another live radio show on:
Pieter is a great guy, and has a show dedicated to musicians and musical product designers.
I'll keep you posted on when I will be ON AIR.

Plus I have been learning about "RSS" feeds, so I should have one of those up on my website soon.

We have just been working hard building product and filling orders.

Well....Back to work

Thank you as always for your great emails, I really appreciate your
compliments and encouragement.